JOSEF is a new travel experience to discover South Tyrol
through the eyes of its insiders: a network and community of creative, innovative and visionary people
who recommend their favourite spots, products and events. 

JOSEF is not only a printed travel guide.
Local designers, photographers and editors have made it a cool book to collect.

The first issue is focused on the city of Bolzano Bozen.
The second one is about Meran|o and its surroundings.

For you, to enjoy your journey in South Tyrol like an insider.

Scroll down to know it a little more. 

Studio Mut designed the graphic concept in both the editions.
Its modern and fresh look makes JOSEF the perfect friend
to bring with you in your adventures.

Susann Stefaunizen has been reinterpreted some South-Tyrolean icons
in eye-catching illustrations
with a palette of bright and bold colors.
Discover her appealing
and ironic drawings
on the last edition.

The printing house dialog enjoyed
to test the new and innovative
H-UV technology that has given
the latest JOSEF book
more lightness, precision and magic.

And so, JOSEF has a new friend.
The environment.
Together with the ink, the paper and the printing process,
they are a very cool green gang.


We love apples. 
We believe in cows. 
JOSEF wants to show you more.


a franz production. shooting martina jaider. editing music mr. coon.